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Bologna’s rich history and culture is one of Europe’s most important heritages. The city is responsible for giving us succulent pasta with their Bolognese sauce. The old town of Bologna, as well as its sculptures and architectural grandeur will take you back in time for a renaissance, medieval and baroque kind of vacation.

Enjoy with Your Escort Date in the City’s Marvelous Attractions and Fun Entertainment The old town in the city is Bolgna’s main attraction. Here, you will find the beautiful monuments and sculptures that the city takes pride in. Bologna is also dubbed by UNESCO as the city of music. The porticoes are also quite a sight, and you will find lots of it around the old town of Bologna. The religious side of the city is reflected on their lovely basilicas. The San Petronio Basilica is one of the largest churches in the world. Antiques are also available for purchase in the markets of Piazza Santo Stefano. Check out these places to know more about the history of Bologna:
  • Two Twoers of Bologna
  • San Petronio Basilica
  • Basilica – Santuario di Santo Stefano
  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita
  • Museo per la Memoria di Ustica
  • Archiginnasio di Bologna
  • Santa Maria della Vita
  • Museum of the History of Bologna
  • Basilica di San Domenico
  • Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica
  • Cattedrale di San Pietro
  • Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna
  • Museo del Patrimonio Industriale
  • Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi Bologna
Business A booming industrial industry defines the economy of Bologna. Most of their sectors includes zootechnical and agricultural products. Smaller industries operating in the city includes textile, footwear, insurance, automobiles, machinery, chemical, and engineering. Bigger players in automobiles are based in the urban areas of Bologna. These are Lamborghini and Ducati. Get the necessary requirements in starting a business from the local embassy and local offices. Bologna Nightlife

The traditional façade of Bologna is very evident during the day. At night however, the city definitely knows how to throw a party. It can even get very sexy at some point. The quiet bars and pubs of Bologna are the primary destination for a nightlife. The dance clubs of the city however are not far behind and are slowly getting the attention of the party goers.

Get a lot of suggestions for the hottest places in the city from Trip Advisor. You can also check your trusted travel guides for it.

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Hot and humid summers define Bologna. The duration of the dry season can stretch to a few weeks more than the average. Click here to be equipped with the necessary time and weather information of Bologna.